The Ultimate Guide to Fingerprint Door Lock Price In Bangladesh


Welcome to the ultimate guide to Fingerprint Door Lock Price In Bangladesh. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about fingerprint door locks, their prices, and what factors influence their costs in Bangladesh.

Understanding Fingerprint Door Locks

What are Fingerprint Door Locks?

Fingerprint door locks, also known as biometric door locks, are advanced security systems that utilize the unique patterns of an individual’s fingerprint to grant access. These locks offer unparalleled convenience and security, as they eliminate the need for traditional keys or codes.

How Do Fingerprint Door Locks Work?

Fingerprint door locks work by scanning and storing fingerprint patterns in a database. When a person places their finger on the scanner, the device compares the scanned fingerprint with the stored data to verify the user’s identity. If the fingerprint matches, the door unlocks.

Benefits of Fingerprint Door Locks

  • Enhanced Security: Fingerprint door locks provide a high level of security, as each person’s fingerprint is unique and cannot be replicated.
  • Convenience: With fingerprint door locks, there’s no need to carry keys or remember codes, making access seamless and hassle-free.
  • Customization: Many fingerprint door locks offer features such as multiple user access, time-based restrictions, and activity logs, allowing for customized security settings.

Factors Influencing Fingerprint Door Lock Prices in Bangladesh

Brand Reputation

The brand of the fingerprint door lock plays a significant role in determining its price. Established brands with a reputation for quality and reliability often command higher prices compared to lesser-known brands.

Features and Technology

The features and technology incorporated into a fingerprint door lock can greatly affect its price. Advanced features such as WiFi connectivity, remote access, and compatibility with smart home systems typically come at a higher cost.

Durability and Build Quality

The durability and build quality of a fingerprint door lock also impact its price. Locks made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or zinc alloy tend to be more expensive but offer superior durability and longevity.

Installation Complexity

The complexity of installing a fingerprint door lock can influence its price. Locks that require professional installation or additional wiring may come with higher installation costs, adding to the overall price.

Warranty and Support

Fingerprint door locks that come with comprehensive warranties and excellent customer support often have higher price tags. These additional services provide peace of mind to consumers and contribute to the overall value of the product.

Fingerprint Door Lock Price Range in Bangladesh

Entry-Level Models

Entry-level fingerprint door locks in Bangladesh typically range from $50 to $100. These locks offer basic functionality and may have limited features and security options.

Mid-Range Models

Mid-range fingerprint door locks in Bangladesh typically range from $100 to $300. These locks offer a balance of features, security, and affordability, making them popular choices for residential and small commercial applications.

High-End Models

High-end fingerprint door locks in Bangladesh typically range from $300 to $1000 or more. These locks boast advanced features, premium build quality, and enhanced security options, making them ideal for high-security environments and luxury residences.


In conclusion, understanding the factors that influence fingerprint door lock prices in Bangladesh is essential for making an informed purchasing decision. By considering factors such as brand reputation, features, durability, installation complexity, and warranty, you can choose the fingerprint door lock that best fits your needs and budget.

Remember, investing in a high-quality fingerprint door lock is an investment in the security and convenience of your home or business. Choose wisely, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with advanced biometric security.

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